Just when I was starting to think Yung Berg might be cool.

First, there was that time when he said his album kept getting pushed back like Flo Rida's hairline. Which is fucking hilarious, as far as I'm concerned.

Then, the other day, he went on that show Lip Service talking about how he's gonna punch Flo Rida's cousin, Brisco, in the mouth when he's sees him.


I don't even know who the fuck Brisco is, but something tells me that, if his name is Brisco, he could probably kick the living shit out of Yung Berg. He's probably on the same roids as his cousin, Flo Rida.

Still, I could appreciate Yung Berg's recklessness. He was starting to remind me of a young Prodigy from Mobb Deep. He's even got similar tattoos.

Well, never mind all of that. As it turns out, Yung Berg is just as much of a pussy as I thought he was.

On that same Lip Service where he said he was gonna knock Brisco's teeth out, he said some shit about how he generally won't have sex with a woman who's darker than he is (and he ain't that dark). And now his handlers have got him issuing an apology, lest this shit cut into ringtone sales for "Hey Sexy Lady."

Here's the exact quote, courtesy of Ron Mexico:

I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me.

Which really doesn't strike me as being that big of a deal. Is it really all that racist to prefer light skinted black chicks to dark skinted black chicks? That may have been a poor choice of words on his part.

Indeed, the shit he said about Brisco seemed to be the more pressing issue initially.

But you had to know black chicks were gonna be up in arms about this. It's the same thing that happened with the Don Imus incident, last year - it's the criminalization of stating any kind of aesthetic preference with regard to black women's skin tone.

Think about it. Did anyone really think, when Don Imus referred to Rutgers women's basketball team as nappy headed hoes, that he meant to suggest that he thought they were turning tricks? No, obviously he meant they were darker complected, and hence less attractive, than the team from Tennessee. He even went so far as to preface his remarks with a reference to the film School Daze.

Again, it may have been a poor choice of words. But I'm at a loss for any huge issue with the substance of what he said. If that's his opinion, that's his opinion. What, a man can't have a preference?

The truth of the matter is that, all things being equal, it's a man's biological imperative to make sweet passionate love to the fairest skinted woman possible. It's because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility. Preferring light skinted black women to dark skinted black women isn't any more racist than preferring women with big cans to women with small ones.

If I was Yung Berg, I wouldn't have apologized for shit. The only thing I can think is, Yung Berg is a young guy. He's yet to spend the amount of time that I've spent studying, alternately, science and pr0nography. Maybe he'll read this post and rescind his apology. If not, I'm done with him. Not that I was gonna listen to his music in the first place. I'm just saying.