DJ Quik and Problem bridged the gap when they released their joint EP Rosecrans in April. Now the duo plans to do it again in the form of a full length LP.

The two generations of Compton artists have captured a chemistry they want to take advantage of, being the yin to the others yang.

“Man, Problem has this wild young energy,” Quik recently explained at Power 106's Powerhouse concert. “I’ve been in the game 25 years. I’m considered a legend now so I’m more laid back and Problem is like this young Ferrari just revving so he just motivates you. Sometimes I don’t see it like that because I get a little lazy and he’s just hounding me like ‘you got to do this, you got to do this, you got to do this.’ So then, I’m pumped like him. So I do it, and it’s successful. Like he’s got a vision. It’s not just about his energy. The kids got a lot of vision and I like hanging out with him.”

The EP featured only six songs with guest appearances from the likes of The Game, Wiz Khalifa and Bad Lucc.

Quik said the demand was so high for new music that they decided to expand the project. The LP will have additional tracks. Two feature artists already locked in for the LP are Dom Kennedy and MC Eiht.

"Stay tuned for the Rosecrans album really, really, really soon," confirmed Problem.

Quik also gave an update on Suga Free's next album, the long awaited Street Gospel 2, and said it's almost done.

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