With the new XXL App Ready or Not now at well over 100,000 downloads, it's time to start putting the music to the test. Each month, XXLMag.com will enlist three industry insiders to listen to and rate the user freestyles which are recorded on the App and uploaded to XXLMag.com. Throughout April, hip-hop tastemakers DJ Drama, Dru Ha of Duck Down Music and senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam Recordings Sha Money XL will assess these aspiring artists and their music.

Check out DJ Drama's thoughts on eight of this week's recent submissions.

Are you ready or not?

1. Steven Q, “The G.E.E.K.”
Overall: M

Not bad. Real life raps. Beat sounds ok but…

2. Ace Cannons, “March For Light”
Overall: L

Not mad at this at all! Good flow, sounds like it could be something, beat sounds good.

3. Chauncey, “Who Is This”
Overall: M

This is fair. I can hear him go off beat at a point. Sometimes he uses a f**k when it’s not necessary.

4. Jimmy White, “Don Of The Dead”
Overall: S

I didn’t like it until the last two punch lines, nice try though.

5. Taylor French, “Choices”
Overall: XL

Good message. Would like to hear this with a beat behind. Seems like he would have good subject matter.

6. Darth H8ter, “Minagedy Part 1”
Overall: S

He clearly has a day job, LOL. But I’m sure this was a joke anyway

7. N3$SCIO, “Nescio v2”
Overall: L

Has that battle rap feel. Sounds like he could be serious with this rap shit. Interested in seeing what his hooks sound like.

8. Bufflord, “There Goes My Gravy”
Overall: XL

Hahahahaha, nice voice, creative switchup. Not mad at this at all. Getting his early 50 Cent on.