Dizzy Wright returns with his first single of 2018, tapping Kid Ink on the new track "Vibe."

Frequent collaborating producer Reezy is behind the boards on this one, which definitely has a turnt club vibe. The two rappers rhyme about enjoying the company of a woman. "You got everything I like and everything I want/So bring that fine ass over here, come here with me queen/Rolling up my weed while she taking off her G string," Dizzy raps.

Ink goes last, spitting about spending a day with his boo. "'67 Chevy when we ridin' down Rodeo/Might just do the most and park that bitch in front Chanel/Matching Rollie, Rollie, yea we went Ayo & Teo," he raps.

The new track is off Dizzy's upcoming EP Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done, which is slated to drop on June 1.

Dizzy had a certain intent with this record. "I wanted to do something for the ladies and DJ’s everywhere," he tells XXL. "[Kid Ink] is super talented and I truly believe Ink is one of the hardest working rappers in the game right now. He’s also showed me love from day one so I thought it would be dope to get a new collab with him since it’s been five years since are last one."

Dizzy also revealed what fans can expect from his new project. "They can expect a very polished Dizzy Wright," the "I Can't Keep Fallin'" rapper adds. "I’m trying new things and finding better ways to get my point across with the perfect production for the summer. I think my versatility will really highlight how creative I can really be. Not to mention the bars are definitely there."

Earlier this year, Dizzy collabed with Jarren Benton, Emilio Rojas, Audio Push, Demrick and Reezy on the group project One Week Notice.

Check out Dizzy Wright's new song "Vibe" and the tracklist for his new EP below.

Dizzy Wright's Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done EP Tracklist

1. "Introvert" (produced by ISM)
2. "Vibe" featuring Kid ink (produced by Reezy)
3. "Hittem Wit the Pose" featuring Lazr (produced by Kato On The Track)
4. "Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done" (produced by Reezy and ISM)
5. "Taking the Lead" (produced by Kato On The Track)
6. "Me and Mine" (produced by SDot)
7. "Dope Talent" featuring Logic (produced by SDot)
8. "Way Up" featuring Don Rich (prodused by Kato On The Track)

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