Well, this could be a very messy situation for Diplo and Azealia Banks. A Dutch producer by the name of MasterD, has filed a lawsuit against the two for their 2012 collaboration entitled, "Fuck Up The Fun". MasterD is claiming that Diplo stole his beat without seeking his permission, according to Re-Tox.com.

After the release of "Fuck Up The Fun", many people noticed the similarities between the Diplo produced record and  MasterD's 2008 "Mad Drumz". Many people slammed Diplo for stealing his record. To counter those claims, Diplo sent an email over to Pitchfork claiming that MasterD helped in the collaboration.

Diplo said, “These guys [MasterD and friends] are my homies. If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks.”

In reality, MasterD, said Diplo took the beat after a failed deal couldn't be reached on both sides. Despite no deal being reached, Diplo continued using the beat without permission, resulting in financial loses for MasterD. After Master D sent a cease and desist letter that went unanswered, he felt his final solution was to file a lawsuit against the two.


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