With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian choosing Florence, Italy as their place to happily wed in matrimony, there might be more of a reason as to why they made that choice. Kanye had an interview with a Florence newspaper named La Nazione last week and may have dropped some clues into his new album.

While the translation and language barrier is hard to understand, West does say something to the effect of his new album being "Made in Florence".

 "In these days he has been working on a new album?"

"Yes, here in the silence of the countryside, when I finish watching fabrics, embroidery and clothes that are like sculptures to me, pick me because I'm composing an album Made in Florence. "

While the translation is vague and hard to comprehend, sites like FakeShoreDrive have speculated that not only did Kanye make his album in Florence, but the name is indeed, Made in Florence. What do you guys think?