A couple weeks ago at SXSW, Brooklyn rapper Desiigner told a crowd to stop comparing him to Future, the Atlanta MC that he sounds just like. It was an odd request from a guy who, earlier that week, debuted a new song called "Pluto," the same thing Future named his debut album. People quickly added "being coy" to his list of personality quirks.

Now it seems like he's continuing to rib Future with a new Instagram post (above) announcing a "New Mixtape Coming Soon." The text overlays a picture of Prince on the cover of his Purple Rain album from 1984, except Desiigner's head replaces the pop genius. It echoes a popular #FutureHive meme that found Future's head replacing Prince's, and have no doubt Desiigner's aware of the similarities in memes. He captioned the image with a laughing emoji, so chances are he knows he's playing with fire here.

When we spoke with Desiigner for The Break earlier this year, he had a clever reaction to the Future comparisons. "I smile at that, I blush at that, but I have no hard feelings for the dude Future," he said. "He does his thing. Actually, I like some of his songs. I think he’s a great artist and I ain’t going to ever turn him down. Just know I have plenty of more music. That’s all I got to say for the people who say I sound like him. Keep tuning in."

Future's been pretty silent on the whole thing, though he did let people at a recent concert know, "There's only one Future around this mothafucka and I'm really the plug." If Desiigner keeps poking at him, the Monster might have to flare up.

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