Fresh off being named a 2016 XXL Freshman, Denzel Curry reminds fans why he deserves his spot on the cover. The Carol City, Fla. upstart teams up with Pro Era's Aaron Rose (formally known as A La $ole) for the new banger "Always With Me."

Produced by Ronny J, the bass knocker portrays both MCs at their best. The Beast Coast soldier is first up, attacking the beat with his signature ferocity.

"I went from a Wolf to a Carolinian/Now my name ring bells through the stratosphere/Over here where the Crips and Bloods be/Be the place where the boy grew lovely/Now we all free, Henny with the bubbly/But don't touch any bottle nigga, trust me/That's Patron, I been blowin' 'em strong/'Cuz a nigga still stressed, real shit goin' on like/Why are my people still dyin?/Why are bullets still flyin'?/They just killed my nigga, Spazz/So I'm spazzin' flow like Poseidon," raps Rose.

Denzel takes the second verse, starting off slow and then building his rapid-fire flow.

"U to the L to the T for eternity/This is my brotherhood, not an eternity/Any emergency within the urgency/It is going down, trappers goin' up vertically/Cover the government, we're never governin'/Leader of millions, that's me and my coven/And oh man! I came out the boat from the ocean/They say that me peoples the Omen/Oh shit! Switch, Ultimate is back/Two-door no Cadillac/On the cul-de-sac pumpin' Project Pat/Sippin Cognac/Cultivate the pack/Or they might collapse/And you might relapse/From the dopest raps," Curry spits.

At just 21, Denzel is getting ready to go even harder for his city after being revealed as a 2016 XXL Freshman, with this new verse being no exception. The Floridian is set to tour overseas this summer and take the stage later this month at the 2016 XXL Freshman show. Check out how well Rose and Curry counter each other on "Always With Me."

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