Dame Dash is no stranger to beef. In addition to throwing shade at various people this year; Dash is about to issue a lawsuit. The Rock-A-Fella Records co-founder is suing famed director Lee Daniels for producer credits and money. According to the mogul he helped fund many of Daniels projects including The Butler and was later cut out the profits and for not having his name run across the screen at the end of  six of Daniel’s films including The Woodsman and Precious.

Dash’s attorney Natraj Bhushan told the New York Post, “It’s very upsetting because there was a certain point where Lee was up-and-coming and Damon, as a music mogul and producer, really saw potential.” Bhushan claims “Damon wants is what he’s rightfully entitled to.”

In 2004, Dash put up $2 million for The Woodsman but saw nothing in return. According to his lawsuit he did the same for many of Daniel’s other films.

Things have been tight financially for Dash lately. He was recently evicted from his upstate New York vacation home because he owed $162,000 in unpaid rent. In addition to suing Daniels, Dash is also suing talent manager Simone Sheffield (who works closely with Daniels) for defamation in connection to the film and television industry. The suit accuses Sheffield  of claiming Dash was “the subject of a looming incarceration when no such incarceration ever took place.”

Dash's attorney described Sheffield as an “obstacle” in the mogul’s longstanding business partnership and friendship with Daniels. He wants $1 million from Sheffield.

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