After the release of her project Queen Elizabitch, in April, CupcakKe has proved she is just getting started. And now, fans can expect a new project from her at the top of 2018—January 5 to be exact.

The Chicago emcee announced on Instagram this week that she will be dropping her new studio album, Ephorize, in January. With singles from her past album such as "CPR" and "Cumshot,” you can expect nothing short of her staple hardcore, filthy lyrics with a dose of gangster that make CupcakKe’s music one of a kind. CupcakKe’s fresh take on hip-hop at just 20 years old makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Not only is she not ashamed to tap into her sensual self, but she is also very active in the community. Amidst the tragic back-to-back natural disasters that occurred this past year, CupcakKe donated thousands of dollars to support families in need. Her philanthropic efforts didn’t stop there, the rapper also helped out a LGBTQ fan who was kicked out of his home and had no place to stay. “The first thing that came to my mind was not that ‘this is a fan,’ but this is someone who is in need,” she said. “Someone that’s about to be homeless just like I was at 13 years old.”

CupcakKe has truly earned the respect and admiration of fans across the world during her rise to stardom and fans cannot wait to get their hands on her project dropping next year.

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