After garnering a buzz for the original breakout hit last year, Cuban Doll released the official "Bankrupt (Remix)" this weekend (May 12), which features Lil Yachty and Lil Baby. The new version of the record still contains the initial lyrics from the Capitol Records signee, but Yachty and Baby spice up the track with some fresh verses.

Lil Boat comes on the track to deliver some fresh new lyrics after Doll's original kick-off, where he spits some aggressive rhymes towards any women who try to test him.

"Stupid ass bitch, I'll send someone to smack you/Gon' and pull up so my little sister can stab you," he rhymes. "Gang posted up on the corner like a statue/Clip around my chest like a motherfuckin' satchel."

Later on during the remix, Lil Baby makes his appearance, switching up the flow of the first two verses.

"Thousand hundred dollar bills like it's counterfeit/You love the hoe, I snuffed the bitch, we on some different shit," he spits. "This shit done come from around the way, I'm on some different drip."

As she continues to focus on her music, Cuban Doll was also reportedly the victim of a recent alleged domestic violence incident involving her boyfriend Tadoe, which left her with bruises on her face. While addressing the situation on Instagram, the female rapper claims that these incidents have been going on for awhile and she wants to use her platform to speak out about it.

Listen to Cuban Doll's "Bankrupt (Remix)" featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Baby below.

Capitol Records
Capitol Records

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