In a short video that has surfaced on the web, a group of youth are seen chanting the lyrics to K. Dot's "Alright," yelling "we gon' be alright" as they march in protest. The youth are students from Cleveland State University in Ohio who are protesting against the police during a #BlackLivesMatter event. During the event, an officer apparently assaulted a teenager by slamming the young person to the ground. When the crowd grows and try to block the police vehicle, officers respond with pepper spray. This leads the group to lock arms and begin chanting the lyrics to "Alright."

Since taking the industry by storm, Kendrick Lamar has been regarded as one of the most groundbreaking rappers in the game. His lyrics are often very moving, with Kendrick challenging society's definition of the norm on a constant basis. One of his most common themes is the discussion of social and political rights and, more specifically, how they pertain to Black people. These ideals are explored in great detail on Kendrick's To Pimp a Butterfly album. Although it's just over a minute long, the above clip is moving. It shows the power that music can have, particularly at a time when most of the country is in uproar over several stories of police brutality that have surfaced lately. Take a look at the college students coming together above. Once you're done with that, relive Lamar's moving visual for "Alright" below.