Cipha doesn't know if he'll be staying with Hot 97 or leaving. As of now, Hot 97 said that Cipha will be, "transitioning into other on-air responsibilities," however the specificity of his role is pretty ambiguous. Cipha—who took over Angie Martinez's 3 p.m. after she left to join Power 105.1—was replaced with new radio personality and MTV's Girl Code star, Nessa. While on Juan Epstein podcast with Peter Rosenberg, Cipha voices his displeasures with how Hot 97 handled the situation.

Rosenberg shares that he never thought Cipha liked the slot to begin with. However Ciph clears this up, saying it was more about the lack of clear communication at the station.

"I never knew if it was mine," said Ciph. " If I could make it mine, I would of loved it." He goes on into detail about the different direction he received from various bosses, sharing his frustration with the station's instability before sarcastically asking Rosenberg "Who's our boss?"

The Hot 97 DJ said that it looks like he was just a filler for the station and the station always wanted to hiring Nessa. "I would have been more happy if I could say 'Guys, I got this show for 3 months. Rock with me," added Ciph. Cipha was more clearly frustrated with the communication of the company rather than Nessa, stating that she "she's a dope choice" because "she makes sense." He did say that he still has no hard feelings with the station.'

What's up next for the DJ/personality is unclear. However, it seems like he's open to new opportunities, whether they are with or without Hot 97. Listen to the full hour long podcast above. It's really interesting.