Detroit is a dark place right now. The American auto industry, the city's lifeblood for nearly a century, is now merely a decrepit,  maligned relic of the country's past. Add the troubling crime, unemployment and homeless rates (not to mention actual city-wide bankruptcy), and Motown is no longer the hub it once was. Perhaps that's why Chuck Inglish is hearkening back to a simpler time in his new video, "Damage." The clip, full of clean kicks, expensive furs and over-eager backup dancers, may not have been filmed in his hometown, but the back-to-basics vibe is exactly what makes the city's music resonate so much, from the days of Slum Village to new auteurs like Quelle Chris. Poised and swaggering, Inglish spends the duration of "Damage" recounting his earliest raps and just how his wrist got to be so sore.

Last year, Inglish dropped his first official solo LP, Convertibles, which featured contributions from Chance the Rapper, Mac Miller, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul and others. He first rose to prominence at the end of the last decade as one-half of the Internet-bred duo The Cool Kids, with the MC now named Sir Michael Rocks. The latter rapper recently dropped his newest single, the National Geographic-funded "Pull Up."