No matter what troubles Chris Brown may endure, one can't deny the fact that his music is damn good. Breezy proves this with his latest effort, X.  This go-round, he's got another hit adorned album where Breezy's material covers everything from his law troubles to his love life, all alluding to the reality that Brown is one of the best singers of this generation. Controversy constantly surrounds the singer, but somehow, his talents always shine through.

XXL recently hopped on the phone with Chris Brown to chat about his new project. Little did we know that aside from giving details on the LP, Breezy would also spill details on making an album with Tyga, his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar, and what he wants his legacy to be. Check it out below.—Miranda Johnson

XXL: I know it's been a long time coming. How does it feel to finally have the album out and for people to hear the music?
Chris Brown: It's amazing. I think for me it's just something that I've been working on for a while and trying to make sure that I make the right songs and try to create something that defines me and my whole body of work. It's almost like a new beginning for me because every time I drop an album, it's like the first album. It's still the anticipation and something new so it's like starting fresh. So I'm getting the chance to experience it now and put out new songs and I have the consistent hits that I have had out for a couple of months. It's kind of incredible.

With X representing 10 years in the game, what would you say about your journey?
I can just say it's been a fun and big experience. I've had my ups and downs, but it's been a good journey. For me to go through it and experience what this life is like and honestly create my own path in my own kind of format, the way I do my music, the way I entertain; it's just been amazing and a blessing.

Have you ever thought about not doing music anymore and focusing on your other endeavors?
Well, not really. I just think sometimes you just need a break and some time off to just chill and gather [yourself]. But for me my passion is my music, so I'll never fully be okay with just giving that up. You know what I'm saying? I think I would just be more into continuing to please my fans and get their responses from different things that I put out and different things I do.

What would you say is one of your favorite songs is on the album?
It's difficult. I would say "Time For Love" 'cause it's like an old-school, feel good record. I also love "Drunk Texting" as well as "Autumn Leaves." But the whole body of work is like my baby, it's my favorite. Those three, those are the ones that I listen to the most.

Speaking of "Autumn Leaves," how was working with Kendrick and how did you guys come together for that?
Kendrick is amazing. I think he's just a great dude aside from being an artist. He's a real humble cat and a respectable guy. And also, he's an incredible lyricist. So I think when we did the song, just his subject matter and how he approached the track was mind-blowing. I think he had one of the best verses that I have ever heard because of what he was saying and the message that he was talking about.

Some rappers, you have guys that will only talk about what they have or what they got or what they can shine off of. But I think when you can paint a picture poetically, it's more therapeutic, and at the end of the day it means a lot more. It goes a long way.

How does it feel for your music to go a long way? It seems that no matter what you're going through, people always support your music. Your music always shines through.
I wouldn't say it's the underdog effect, but I think it's a balance. I think God has given me an incredible talent and a gift. I think that whatever troubles or any problems that I may go through, I'm able to translate that or transform that into my music. I don't let anything in my personal life deter my creativity. I think it makes me work harder. It's like I got a point to prove every time.

You and Trey Songz have this tour coming up. I know you've been friends for a long time. Why did you decide now was the time to tour?
I felt like the time was necessary. I know he's been consistent over the years as well. There's not a lot of cats that can put their egos aside and share the same stage. A lot of business and opportunities, they always get mixed up in-between friendships and people trying to work together and having fun. When I got a chance to put that together and put that to work, it really shined through. We're like brothers so we're not going to let the business aspect come between us.

We wanted to put a tour together for our fans, a real young—basically the young fly niggas' tour. With me and him being young entertainers and young R&B cats, I think it's a blessing for the fans and a blessing for us to go out there and perform for them.

Have you guys thought about any other acts joining the tour? Is it just gonna be you two?
Yeah, we have other acts. We're incorporating people like Tyga and a couple other acts. We're still in the process of bringing people on the show but initially, we want to just start it off as me and Trey. So we can get the buzz going and everybody know about it.

When people look back on you, what do you want your legacy to be?
I just want people to be like "Man, that dude, he's super talented. I haven't really heard too many bad records from him. His records are always dope. He's legendary and at the same time he's an amazing performer." I want to kind of set the blueprint for anybody else coming up. I just want to be the greatest, man.

You mentioned Tyga a little bit before. You guys were supposed to be putting out Fan Of A Fan 2. What happened with that?
We're scheduled to put that out around Christmas or the top of next year. We're doing an album now, so we're in the studio working on that. As we speak. I never stop working, so we're getting that together now.

You and Trey have also put out some new music. Are y'all going to put out a project or y'all just making tracks?
Right now, we're just working and vibing, giving fans more insight on the tour so they can just be prepared for it. Just hear the music and get ready.