After being accused of punching a woman during a private party it Las Vegas yesterday (Jan.2), Chris Brown is coming forward to deny those allegations.

Breezy took to Instagram to address what he says is a totally made up story by his accuser, Liziane Gutierrez. In the clip, the Virginia singer posts a picture of two women, one of which is purported to be his accuser. "Obviously somebody is looking to get a check or start some shit," he says. "I don't know this old looking bitch. This bitch is old, dusty. Look at her in the Jason Derulo video, like, she came to Vegas, she came to my room and was probably too ugly to get in."

Brown's reps have also denied any wrongdoing on their clients part, telling TMZ the woman was kicked out of the party for being disruptive. According to the report, while Gutierrez waited to get her phone in the hallway, she went off, throwing her purse and screaming she "could buy everyone in the hotel."

As previously reported, Gutierrez claims she was punched once in the eye by the singer for taking a picture of him at the "no cell phone" policy party. Brown's reps say the woman never had her phone in the party and call her story a complete fabrication.

It appears Gutierrez is no stranger to celebrity drama. Back in August, she was captured by TMZ cameras ranting outside of a club after Jason Derulo and his crew wouldn't let her on the groupie bus. She claimed Derulo had asked her to come be with him, but then flipped the script. Derulo's people claimed he had no idea who Gutierrez was.

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