Chris Brown has spoken out about photos that circulated yesterday in which he's caught with his hands around a woman's neck. According to Breezy's Instagram post, he doesn't feel he needs to defend himself on the matter, but echoes his lawyer's statement that he was simply joking around with a friend. He included in the accompanying caption that his tour tickets are for sale.

"THANKS for all the publicity today. Y'all know damn well I ain't going down that road. There's no need to defend myself on the matter. Everyone that's around (girl/guy) are my HOMIES. NO FOUL PLAY... NO IGNORANT SHIT. END of discussion. Love," he wrote.

The photos were taken in Miami where Chris Brown has been partying and attending the 2018 Ultra Festival. Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, said "She's a friend. It's obviously playful as she confirmed. Whoever invaded their privacy will be held accountable."

See Chris Brown's statement below.


Chris Brown is back in the hot seat after photos have surfaced of him appearing to choke a woman, but both parties claim that it was just a playful interaction.

According to TMZ, who captured the events on camera on Monday (March 26) in Miami, Fla., Breezy's lawyer claims that the singer was just goofing around with a friend. The outlet says that Chris rented a house in Miami during the 2018 Ultra Festival, where he has been partying with a big group. Around 9 A.M. on Monday morning, he was spotted outside of the home, where he appeared to be choking a woman, based on the photos that were captured.

In the pictures, the Heartbreak on a Full Moon hitmaker's right hand is around the woman's throat, and while she appears to be in distress in some of the pictures, others show her smiling as well. Both the woman and Breezy insist that they were playing around, and nothing became violent between them.

The photos definitely are attention-grabbing considering Breezy's past of alleged violence towards women. The singer's ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, got a restraining order against him last year after claiming he abused her multiple times during their relationship. He also famously assaulted Rihanna back in 2009, which led him to complete court-ordered community service hours and be on probation until 2015.

See the pictures in question over at TMZ.

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