I made my first World Star comment today! Feel free to congratulate me on my regression to the throes of niggerdom.

Recidivism is a motherfucker.

Not only does Chopper (of Da Band fame) engage in epic fail by even addressing the Chopper Suit incident, he offers a priceless rebuttal.

Now that I think about it, you can totally put a price on his retort. Anyone got a knot of $20 bills?

Let's pretend for a moment that Chopper never wore his Reconstruction era suit on camera. Feel free to give him the benefit of the doubt and consider it a piece of black history. After clearing the mechanism, pose the following: How a nigga gonna lay out an anemic stack of Jacksons bill-by-bill and expect people to take his raggedy, Big & Tawll suit for anything other than what it is--a painful outcry from the bowels of Gulf Coast poverty?

Shit. I fucked it up. It's impossible to pretend he never wore that fucking suit!

To all aspiring Myspace rapsters: If you attempt to fiscally upstage the bloggers and World Star commenters that have, through vicious ridicule, made your churchin' suit more relevant than yourself, please do so with a stack bigger than a month's salary at the poverty line. Straight up, a nigga working at Wendy's without a bank account comes out of the check cashing spot with a stack bigger than Chopper's at the end of the month.

I've done it. I bet I'm not the only one of us who knows a thing or two about the fast food knot.

As bad as times are, I can't think of an American adult who couldn't produce a $2,000 (approx. fifteen Chopper Suit) stack for the camera if necessary. Even if it means liquidating the XBOX collection, the shit can be done.

Don't even get a nigga started on the Lamborghini seen in New Orleans one video and New York the next. You know got damn well Chopper ain't drive that shit to New York. Not only would doing so make zero sense with regard to time and cost efficiency, but I'd love to see a nigga try that shit without getting pulled over or jacked.

I'll recant that. I bet the Lambo could make it to New York undisturbed if the police pull that shit over and a fully-animated 100% polyester suit hands them his license and registration. Such Knight Rider antics would also likely keep the jackers at bay on some Tales From The Hood shit.

I digress. So, yeah. We've long since been acquainted the Chopper Suit. Today we add "Chopper Stack" to our lexicon. In honor, we'll raise 15 olive-hued churchin' garments to the rafters and make it rain Chopper Stack at the strip club lunch shift of our choosing.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Remember that song, "Choppa Style" from one of the many other New Orleans Choppers? ron@ronmexicocity.com

DDN Tournament voting ends tonight!

P.S.: Chopper's onto something with this whole Chopper Suit Mixtape thing. The fucked up part is that the suit could probably get a deal easier than he could.

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