With the Holiday Season coming up Chinx will prove he does care about your feelings with #Chinxmas.

Every day during the month of December, Chinx and his management team, Four Kings, will giveaway multiple prize packs to select fans who post proof of download of his projects with the hashtag #Chinxmas. Also The Coke Boy spitta will provide "family fun days" for children in single-parent homes, who show they really need some cheering up during the holiday season.

For 14 days Chinx will be accepting video submissions from folks in real need of some help for the holiday season. Participants are encouraged to submit videos or letters showing why their family (or a family they know) deserves a family fun day with Chinx. Participants must live within the NYC area. Videos will be accepted now through Dec 14th. Please send submissions to chinxmas2014@gmail.com to enter.