Chevy Woods makes a trap-inspired record with his new song "Joe Montana." The Taylor Gang MC channels his inner Comeback Kid for his newest track. If Chevy feels like Joe Montana, arguably the best professional football player of all-time, then he's having a good day.

Over the Ricky P-produced beat, Chevy snaps. "She says she got a man at home/So I just fuck her for the sport/Gang shit. I keep my pistol on the porch/You ride through with that hot shit/And we gonna hit you with the torch/And now I don't want your baby mama's digits either," he raps.

The 35-year-old MC has had a quiet 2016. His last projects, The 48 Hunnid Project and Gangland 3, dropped in 2015. Woods stop by DJ Whood’s The Whoolywood Shuffle and explained that he wasn’t focused on getting big name guests for this LP. Instead, it was more about his relationship with producers.

“I think the music that I’m doing now is more… I’m in tune with the producer instead of chasing artists for features,” Woods said. “I’m like clear cut with mine. So, if I send you a record like, ‘Yo, I’m tryna getchu on it.’ And you be like, ‘Aight, I’ma do it.’ And then I gotta ask you again, I’m like, ‘Nah, I’m cool.’ I’m not finna chase you. I got homies that’s on the Gang that can fill that in immediately. So, I don’t really worry about that. It’s the producer thing with me. I’m really in tune with who’s making the music for me.”

Listen to Woods' "Joe Montana" above.

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