Taylor Bennett has been holding out on us. Chance The Rapper's brother just dropped a set of unreleased tracks he's calling Throw Aways: Unmixed, on SoundCloud, and one song, "Gimmie a Call," features Chano.

Taylor quietly released the new tracks on the streaming site noting, "Allot of never released tracks just 4 you. have fun listen and share. until the album ill hold y'all down. :)."

"Gimmie a Call" starts off with a churchy feel, with the siblings singing over hand claps and scats. "Just give me a call/Ring, ring, ring, ring on the buzzer, hugh, hugh/Give me a call, give me a call/Ring, ring, ring, ring on the buzzer, hugh!" they croon.

Taylor holds down the sole verse on the track spitting, "How you doing? It's Taylor Bennett, the famous rapper/I wanna take you out and maybe even party after/You can crash in, party, catch the morning after/Got booked over paper, that's another chapter/I wanna move to the hills where the breeze right/Know I like it when your pencil start to write/We gotta get it on the dance floor tonight/Baby, I'm a smooth surfer, baby, I'm a you type/Focused on my future, line up reality/Mind of a different galaxy."

Taylor is working on the follow up to his most recent project, Restoration of an American Idol, which he dropped back in February.

This entire new collection is 13 songs, which includes remixes, freestyles and some original cuts

Listen to "Gimmie a Call" and the entire Throw Aways:Unmixed project below.

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