It looks like Chance The Rapper isn't all that interested in taking the high road in his dealings with Joe Budden. A few weeks ago, the rapper/talk show host dissed Chano's "First World Problems" performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and now, Chano's shot back—arguably for the second time.

Chance first commented by saying he liked Budden and realized that he had to say harsh things to get a reaction for his Complex talk show, Everyday Struggle. Some interpreted that bit, which included Chance's comments about Budden being a former artist who could do what he wanted instead of having to "clock in and clock out" as a talk show host, as some shade-throwing, but that's subjective. Chano's latest comments? Not so much.

Performing in concert, Chano altered some lyrics to throw a shot at Budden outright. "I might fire Joe Budden," he spit during the show. Now, he didn't say too much, or even specify how what he said would even be possible, but it sounds like a jab The question is, what's coming next?

After Chano's initial response, Budden, who was recently dissed by Zoey Dollaz, claimed the rapper's independent image was closer to being a branding mechanism than it was a reality. If this pattern continues, we should be hearing a comment from Budden in the very near future. We'll just have to wait and see.

Watch Chano throw shade at Budden in the video below.

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