The pitfalls of the rap industry are pretty much limitless, so it's always good for young performers to learn from the ones that came before them. Chance The Rapper definitely did. In a recent interview with the folks at Billboard, the Coloring Book artist recalled the valuable advice his friend Donald Glover -- aka Childish Gambino -- gave him when Chance was just a 19-year-old industry baby.

"Donald Glover told me when I was, like, 19 to hire a business manager," Chance explained. "He said it was the smartest 5 percent he ever gave up, and I agree, just in terms of structure and planning. That same year I was chilling with Jill Scott, and she asked me how I was dealing with my finances. Then she broke down to me how I should delegate money to my family, to my own needs, to my craft and, of course, to my taxes."

While such advice might not seem too special at first glance, rappers have a long history of not paying their dues to Uncle Sam. If you're a young rapper without the sense to spend your money wisely, you might just find yourself relying on Spotify streams to free you from a massive tax debt. No one wants that, so it's clear that Gambino's words are pretty valuable ones.

Elsewhere in the Billboard interview, Chance explained some times that fans let him know that his music helped change their lives. "I’ve had a few people tell me that they were in dark places and then my music helped them out. I give them a hug and just let them know, like, we overcame whatever was going on then. And I’m happy to be in their presence."

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