G Herbo will be delivering the deluxe version of his Humble Beast album tomorrow (Feb. 16), and he's dropping off a major record from the updated album. The Chicago native recruits Chance The Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert to join him on the remix to his "Everything" track, which features three tapping into their elite lyrical abilities.

While the first two verses and hook from Herbo remain the same as his lyrics on the original record, the remix gets verses from Chance and Uzi.

The "Money Longer" hitmaker is up first, offering some braggadocios rhymes that flex on his haters and critics. From his cars, his girls and even his guns, Uzi lets listeners know that it's hard to reach his level of success at this rate.

"Whipping up that dope, yeah, that's that heavy cream/I been fucking on your bitch since I was 17," he raps. "Even though my Glock hold 30, this a 17/Chop it, whole thing from the Medellín/My old gun, that shit was dirty but I kept it clean/Mask off, remember me."

Herbo's fellow Chi-Town native, Chance, finishes things off with a hardcore verse, stepping away from his usual innovative and lighthearted rhymes for something a bit edgier. He still, however, keeps his joking metaphorical style in tact.

"I know I gotta do everything/Model, DJ, do hair, everything," he rhymes. "Babysit, strip skrips everything/Doctor said, 'What hurts?,' said, 'Everything' (Huh)."

The deluxe version of Humble Beast has less songs than the original album, which contained 15 tracks, but there are fresh, new tracks this time around.

Take a listen to G Herbo's "Everything" remix featuring Chance The Rapper and Lil Uzi Vert below, and check out the Humble Beast Deluxe Edition tracklist.

G Herbo's Humble Beast Deluxe Edition Tracklist

1. "Sins"
2. "Done 4 Me"
3. "Roll Up"
4. "4 Nem" Feat. Lil Durk
5. "All Day" Feat. Blac Youngsta
6. "Head Right"
7. "Ride"
8. "Have My Way"
9. "Shook"
10. "Everything Remix" (Bonus) Feat. Chance The Rapper & Lil Uzi Vert

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