With his wit, musical dexterity and Chicago upbringing, you could argue that Chance The Rapper is a sort of successor to Kanye West. So it's no surprise that his vocals sound right at home over classic Yeezy beats. Recently, one producer uploaded an awesome mashup of Chance acapellas and some of the "Jesus Walks" performer's most famous instrumentals. Stream it for yourself up top.

The mashup, aptly titled Chance The Dropout, is a DJ Critical Hype and DJ Clyde tape that sees the Magnificent Coloring Book rapper's vocals mixed over a variety of Yeezy instrumentals. The remix of Chance's track "Prom Night PT. 1" uses the Kanye's "Never Let Me Down" beat, while "Everybody's Something" features the audio canvas for "Wolves." It's a pretty solid mix that makes you wish Yeezy and Chance worked together even more than they already do. That might be a possibility in the near future.

According to the folks at TMZ, Kanye is back in the studio after returning from the hospital at the very end of November. Sources say that Kanye has been more relaxed since leaving the hospital, and he's now had a temporary studio built in his Bel-Air residence. Adding more weight to the rumor is the uploading of studio session videos from the legendary Pete Rock. The producer has apparently been cooking up in the stu' with 'Ye in recent days, and that means Yeezy could be dropping some new heat very soon.

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