Chance The Rapper's recent philanthropic gesture has sent waves through the hip-hop world and beyond. The Grammy-winning rapper made headlines late last week (March 6) when he donated $1 million to Chicago's Public School system to help alleviate the neglect and lack of funding in his hometown.

Now Chano is not only drawing praises for what he's done, but he's inspiring others to put their money where their mouth is as well. Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett (no relation) has pledged to follow in the rapper's footsteps.

"I was inspired by Chance The Rapper to ‘think bigger’ when he pledged one million dollars to Chicago kids and their school system. So, I’ll be joining him by investing in the future of our youth," wrote the football player on Instagram yesterday (March 9) along with a picture of his three little daughters. "I have decided to donate all of my endorsement money in 2017 to help rebuild minority communities through s.t.e.a.m programs, as well as initiatives that directly affect women of color in hopes that we can create more opportunities for our youth and build a brighter future. In addition, 50% of the proceeds from my jersey sales this year will go to programs and initiatives to support inner-city garden projects, as it’s not only about providing opportunities in education and arts, but to help provide the right nutrition and access to healthy living to all."

Chance’s million-dollar move earlier this month came after the rapper had a disappointing and "vague" meeting with Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner over fixing the state’s school systems.

Check out Michael Bennett's pledge in his own words below.

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