On the heels of the release of Jeezy's summer banger, "Seen It All" featuring Jay Z, the song's budding Fort Worth, Texas-based producer, Cardo, talked to XXL about a number of projects he has in the works, including a track that may pop up on Kendrick Lamar's next album. "I've completed one cut with Kendrick," Cardo said. "It landing on the album is something that we are hopeful for right now."

Cardo also revealed an impressive lineup of other artists that he has been working with for upcoming projects, including Meek Mill and Ty Dolla $ign. "There's a whole lot of projects coming up though, man," he said. "Of course the Jeezy album, the Ty Dolla $ign album, the Meek Mill album. Definitely Kendrick Lamar's album. Yeah man, Me and John Juliano, who is one of my producers in the Gold Mobb, which is the team I'm bringing in the picture with me, have another track on the Jeezy album [in addition to 'Seen it All']. So two tracks on there, and a lot of other good stuff coming out. Those are the primary projects that I'm focused on right now though."

But the two tracks on Jeezy's Seen It All, due Sept. 2, aren't the only ones Cardo and the Snowman have up their sleeves. "Me and Jeezy have done a gang of records, man," he said. "We've got like 30-plus records that no one's heard yet. I don't know what Jeezy's going to do with the records. Jeezy is unpredictable in how he works."

Riding the momentum that the came with "Seen It All," Cardo is prepared to build on that propulsion and take on an array of various projects throughout the remainder of 2014. As the second half of this calendar year unfolds, keep a close ear out, as the sounds of the twenty-nine year old producer may very well be gracing your speakers in a variety of fashions. —Michael Blair