A savvy industry vet, Cam'ron has long been about his paper and took to Instagram Monday night (Nov. 14) to call out a few organization's using his music and image without his proper consent. Love & Hip Hop New York used Cam in a recent commercial for its upcoming season (included below), while the UFC used "Welcome to New York City" to promote the Connor McGregor fight this past weekend at Madison Square Garden. In the above video, Cam is level-headed, addressing both companies with a smile on his face.

"Good evening everyone," he says. "I am not a cast member on Love & Hip Hop. I did a scene for Juelz cause he’s on the show. I did a scene for JuJu cause she’s on the show. I should not be in anybody’s commercials, especially when the paperwork isn’t done. Obviously these people haven’t done business with me before so they don’t know how I get down, but tomorrow, we’ll take care of it."

He then addresses the UFC promos. McGregor won his fight this past weekend, becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold title belts in two weight classes. "Second order of business is Dana White from the UFC. You’ve been using my song all week to promote the Connor McGregor fight at Madison Square Garden. Once again nobody reached out to me," here, he offers a laugh. "It’s nobody’s fault because this is the first time both of these companies are doing business with me and somebody should’ve told them how I get down. We'll be reaching out tomorrow, me and my lawyer."

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