The Big Easy was host to a number of events leading into the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. This year's festivities, held in New Orleans, brought plenty of memorable moments for both basketball and music fans.

Taking advantage of the moment, and the start of the annual Mardi Gras celebration, Reebok and Footaction partnered together to host a "Classics in the Courtyard" concert in the middle of Bourbon Street. Reebok brand ambassadors Cam’ron, Teyana Taylor and Curren$y were all in attendance.

In support of Reebok's latest set of Classic kicks, all three artists sported different silhouettes, showing off never-before-seen styles of the Club C, Freestyle Hi and Instapump Fury OG Seersucker as they performed in front of the packed Big Easy crowd.

Bringing his Harlem flavor and swag to New Orleans, Cam'ron hit the stage last and closed out the show performing some of his biggest hits, including classics like “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma." Before leaving the stage, the Dipset leader revealed interesting news about his third Reebok collaboration. "The new Fleeboks will be out this June or July. Gotta check with the team," Cam'ron said, before thanking the New Orleans crowd and making his grand exit.

Before Cam performed, XXL caught up with the Purple Haze creator to discuss a number of topics including his experience during NBA All-Star Weekend, his current thoughts on Jim Jones and his minor rift with Joe Budden. Check out what Killa Cam had to say below.

XXL: What do you love most about All-Star Weekend and how's your experience in New Orleans thus far?

Cam'ron: All-Star weekend always treats me great. I love the atmosphere that comes with it. You get to see people you haven't seen in a while and you get to meet new people, and just enjoy the culture, you know? Depends on what city you're in, of course. New Orleans is a very eclectic city so just to see everything that's going on right now, like all of the beads, and girls half naked and the great food in the city. It's a beautiful time for me and I'm having a great time.

Is there an NBA player you want to meet this weekend that you haven't yet?

I've pretty much met everybody already. But maybe...did Damian Lillard make it?

No, he didn't.

I know Portland isn't doing too well this year. I know last year he was almost a snub, but he ended up making the All-Star, but I think he's a decent rapper. So if I was trying to meet any of them it would've been him since I've met pretty much everyone I wanted to.

I know you addressed the Jim Jones interview he did with Funkmaster Flex a few weeks back. Are you done going back and forth with Jim?

Yeah, absolutely, man. I didn't want to do it back then. You know, in that particular scenario, a lot of people were coming at me like I was a bad guy and I just wanted to clear some things up, but to be honest, I didn't want to do it last week. I just did it because I didn't want people looking at me like I was a crab ass dude. It's water under bridge, so hopefully we can move on.

Will we ever see you guys reunite?

I mean, he's moved on the way he's moved on and me, I'm happy with what I'm doing and sometimes people just outgrow each other, you know what I'm saying? You know, maybe way, way down the line, but right now I'm just in a different space and I wish him the best of luck and I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing.

Another incident was the one with you and Joe Budden recently. You guys cleared it up on Instagram, but are you both good now?

You know what's funny? I just called Joe Budden a little while ago because what happened was I never seen the actual interview so after I put that [comment] on Instagram, we spoke and then I actually watched the interview and he did say that he was like, "I would've had to step to him," but I called him a few minutes ago and told him, "Yo, I never seen the interview. What do you mean you would fuck me up?" So basically the moral of the story is, he was saying if it was him and his friends, not Killa Cam per say, and we're good now and he said he'd clear it up on his next podcast so that's cool and we good now.


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