Super Bowl 50 kicked off Monday night (Feb. 1) with the typically zany media day that featured, among other things, Cam Newton freestyle rapping. Cam's love for rap is well documented, as he posed with Future and Jeezy on the sidelines of the NFC Championship game, has a Beats commercial out with 2 Chainz and freestyled for Sway in the Morning back in Jan. of 2014.

The freestyle isn't anything extraordinary, but goes as follows: "Ok you’re talking about my dab, you’re talking about my flow/But it’s one thing you need to know/Even though you a good fellow/I don’t think you got swag cause your shirt is yellow/It should’ve been Carolina Blue/Something that you should have thought, something that you should’ve knew/We chilling in the Super Bowl with a lot of media/Man, I hate talking to the media/But it’s all good, it’s all great/Man, I look at the team, man those boys straight/I’m straight outta College Park by way of Atlanta/You can see the towel on my head, some people call it a bandana/I’m chilling, I’m flowin, having a good time/But everybody worried about me, don’t worry about mine/Cause I keep talking, I keep flowing, and I’m doing what I do/Everybody need to know about the Carolina blue."

Cam's Carolina Panthers take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Bronco's on Sunday, in what will be the final game of Cam's assumed MVP season. Cam has been criticized by some for his celebrations that often include dabbing, but as seen in the above clip and throughout media day, the quarterback refuses to change his outgoing and jovial demeanor.

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