Next week, Houston will be taken over by October Very Own's Drake. With Drake shutting down the city with his first annual Houston Appreciation Weekend, you have to think the all the ambassadors and heavy hitters will be in attendance, right? Well, not exactly. During an interview with RealTalkNY, Bun B shockingly revealed that he won't be able to join the festivities next week in Houston.

"It's gonna be amazing. Only problem with the Houston Appreciation Weekend is that I won't be in Houston to appreciate that weekend," said Bun.

He went on to explain why he won't be able to stand side by side with Drizzy to appreciate the occasion.

"It really caught [Drake] off guard because he was under the assumption that I was gonna be around. He had me locked in for a couple of different things, in particular, of course, the Warehouse live show. But, there was no way I could do it because when we get to Ibiza, we're staying there for four days. Max and Eve are getting married in Ibiza and I'm actually officiating the ceremony," said Bun.

I'm sure Drake is a tad disappointed. But, the show must go on. Make sure you're in Houston from June 12-June15th, when Drake locks down the city for three days.