Despite the leak of multiple singles in the last few weeks and the entire album earlier this month, Drake’s official debut LP, Thank Me Later, is slated to hit stores tomorrow (June 15). Southern rappers Bun B, Juvenile and Slim Thug told their predictions for what one of the year’s most anticipated albums would do on the charts.

“It’s an incredible album,” Bun, who was featured on Drake’s acclaimed So Far Gone, told “It’s gonna be a multiplatinum album. First of all, let that be understood: it’s gonna be a number one album in several countries across the world. If he does less than 500,000 in the first week, somebody dropped the ball at Universal [Music].”

Bun’s fellow Texan, Slim Thug, had a similar prediction. “I think he came like the So Far Gone style again. He gonna do numbers. I think he gonna do over 500 [thousand].”

Juve, who once played the role in Lil’ Wayne’s career that Weezy is now playing for Drake, also had high hopes for the record. “Hopefully, he gonna do some millions," said the New Orleans native. "He could go platinum the first day.”

Thank Me Later will be available for purchase on Tuesday. —Adam Fleischer