Miami rapper Bruno Mali Kidd has been making noise for a while now, and just dropped off a new song to keep things rolling. His latest song is "Speedy Gonzalez," documenting how fast to get to the cash, and anything else he wants.

The production on "Speedy Gonzalez" is swirling, lead by a looping Spanish guitar. The 808s that are a mainstay of modern trap beats are there, but the guitar sets it all apart, as do the rising keys, giving it an airy feel.

Meanwhile, Bruno Mali attacks the track like he has something to prove. "Put me in the jungle, I survive/Put me on any block and I'ma hustle," he growls. "I use to hit the block and serve them cluckers/I was just early, stuntin' on the suckers." After acknowledging his troubled past, he still shares hope for the future: "I'm bout to turn up on the whole city/You put it down, and make them haters love ya."

Bruno had a pretty good 2017. His relationship with Rick Ross progressed, with the Boss giving the fellow Florida artist some shine at a local festival in March. The MC then dropped his mixtape MADE in May, followed by multiple collaborations with Ross, including a freestyle over Total's "Cant You See."

The South Florida rhymer also sat down with XXL for an interview, and shared his goals for the rest of his career. "Be one of the staples for the next 10 years," he explained. "Be one of the staples, and to help the other up-comers come through. Most likely be a staple for the next 10 years. Through music and business."

Listen to Bruno Mali Kidd's "Speedy Gonzalez" below.

Blocc Money Billionaires Music Group
Blocc Money Billionaires Music Group

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