Less than two months after the release of his Love Scars album, Brian Fresco returns with a new video for the song "Bottles."

Directed by Australia Hoodwolf, the laid-back video finds Fresco having a good time with friends in Melbourne, Australia while he sips on his drink of choice—Hennessy in this case. The "Pull Up" rapper lounges in the pool with beautiful women while drinking Henny and even hits up the tennis courts.

According to the rapper, the inspiration for the video came from wanting to capture the beauty of the city down under. "We wanted to capture the fun and free sound of the song into a visual format," Fresco tells XXL. "As well as capture the unnoticed beauty of Melbourne, Australia and what the city has to offer."

Up next for Fresco, the Chicago-bred rapper plans to continue supporting Love Scars with more videos that he hopes to make an impact with. "I’m shooting a lot of videos for my current project, and I plan to have a heavy impact with them because of the effort I’m putting into the visual portion of my art," he says. "I feel like it’s a part that has lacked attention from me and I’m refocusing my energy towards it as well as working on a few other collaboration projects that may or may not come out this year."

Fresco also reveals that he's been in talks with a few major record labels but may be staying put with EMPIRE. "I may have a no home or not lol," the Savemoney member shares. "My lawyer been in heavy talks CMG and WMG over the months and there has been offers, but we think we’re going to stay with EMPIRE. Ghazi and them have been really good to us and it’s only right they get first consideration on anything."

Check out the "Bottles" video below.

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