Bobby Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, has been behind bars for the past four months on gang conspiracy, drugs and weapons charges. The Brooklyn native has gone from promising young star to just another statistic in a roller coaster year that saw his breakout hit make the Top 10 on the Hot 100 and nab him a deal with Epic Records. However, Shmurda's been fighting back diligently against the more than 100 counts and charges facing him, Rowdy Rebel and the GS9 crew with whom they ran. Shmurda’s mother, Leslie Pollard, sat down with Lisa Evers over at FOXNY last month to defend her son, pointing out how egregious her son's case has been handled by the District Attorney's office. "They have their eyes on the minority youth in our neighborhood and they know what they want to see from [them],” she told FOX.

When Bobby appeared in court in January for the first time since his Dec. 17 arrest to plead not guilty to all charges, his defense attorney Kenneth Montgomery argued that Bobby's $2 million dollar bail was "unfair" and has since been attempting to get the amount reduced. The infectious MC’s legal team withdrew its $2 million bail application paperwork in February and have been constantly exploring a way to make bail. With Bobby's next scheduled court appearance tomorrow, Apr. 22, XXL got on the phone with Montgomery to discuses what to expect tomorrow, an update on the bail situation and what he ultimately wants to happen next. —Emmanuel C.M.

XXLTomorrow is the next court date for Bobby Shmurda and GS9. Tomorrow's appearance is for what, specifically?
Kenneth J. Montgomery, Esq: The court appearance is to handle the decision on the grand jury minutes as well as the motions that have been filed.

What do you expect to happen?
I expect—like most of my cases, the thousands of cases that I've had—I expect the judge to have a decision based on a motion that I authored and gave the courts and the prosecutors to respond. And I expect the case to be put on some sort of track for discovery to make sure all the paperwork is turned over. I expect to give a hard drive [to obtain] outstanding videotapes and other discovery that the district attorney has and I expect to get locked in to try to fight this case.

What do you want to happen on Wednesday?
My want doesn’t matter right now. What I would want is some reasonableness to take place and that this young man can be given a reasonable bail and get out. But I know what we’re up against. We’re not up against reason. We’re up against the rule of law.

Do you think there is any chance his bail gets reduced?
Not before this judge. Absolutely not.

What is your realistic goal for what’s going to happen?
I think the jury will adjourn for more discovery and hammer out the legal issues. I think we’re going to continue trying to explore to meet the bail package and get someone involved in which his bail package can work.

How is Bobby Shmurda holding up right now?
He’s a tough kid. I like him. He’s a special kid. I like him a lot.

Do you think he’s close to getting out?
People have to understand that his bail is $2 million. He’s not a multi-millionaire, so for his bail to be that, any potential suitors must be a good fit. Whoever comes in has to be the right fit. If we can get someone who’s the right fit, of course it could happen.

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