Twitter is the worst thing to ever happen to you sensitive, emotional, fake-ass, industry suckas. In fact, I would say if Twitter hasn't killed the publicist it has made their jobs a whole lot harder! For the longest time opinions and the truth have been strategically weeded out of the industry. What Twitter has done is make all these artists who live in these fantasy worlds come face-to-face with the reality of their make believe lives.

You don't have to read the comments on blogs when your song is posted on an You don't have to see what people are saying about your video on Worldstar, VladTV or Dimewars, but it's pretty hard to ignore someone sending you a message on Twitter. Not only is it hard to ignore but if you don't have thick skin and you’re not the type of person who could give a flying fuck about what people say about you then there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to respond to what the person said and make yourself look like a complete and total asshole in the process.

Think about it, random comments on blog sites mean nothing because it almost seems like those people don't exist. With Twitter, comments seem so personal. It's like you can put a face with the message and if you’re not careful you can find yourself in a Twitter beef with some random fat kid from Kentucky who has no life but whose shining moment is that he got his favorite celebrity to respond back to him on Twitter.

Some of you celebrities probably hate it but I’m going to tell you something—I enjoy it. It's about time we let these so-called celebrities know the truth and it's about time these so-called celebrities started listening to the public at large and not their ass-kissing peers in the industry. Music is wack and stagnated because all the yes men in these people’s entourages are telling them everything they do is hot and everything they wear is dope. When in reality their music sucks and their jeans look like denim tights.

If they had real people around them, trust that shit would be a whole lot different. I could never understand why certain radio and TV personalities acted like everything that was out was hot. I never understood why these personalities never once said to an artist, "Yo, I'm not really feeling this album” or “This record is really not that hot to me.” I just couldn't understand why they acted like they were into everything and then I realized, it’s just as I stated earlier, truth and honest opinions have been strategically weeded out of the industry.

Many people go along to get along and they don't want to tell the truth because they don't want to damage a relationship. The truth of the matter is you can probably strengthen a relationship by telling that the person the truth! Sure, they might get offended at first but only until they realize the truth is like a shot. That needle hurts at first and if you tense up it hurts even worse. If you just relax that initial prick stings but what comes out of that needle is usually good for you.

I could never see myself upset about someone's opinion of me or what I do and if they do say something that strikes a nerve it's probably something that I need to hear but nobody else has the heart to tell me. A lot of times it's God talking through people; planting seeds in our minds to change our ways but we are too gassed on ourselves and the people around us have our heads souped up so big that we are not letting our guard down to listen.

As a person with a voice in this game I strive to give my listeners my honest opinions and the truth as I see it, even if it's not popular opinion. I don't care if people in the industry get offended because I am not of the industry, I am of the people. The people have opinions and thanks to Twitter, their voices can be heard. I hope you silly ass industry fucks are listening.

Tweetfully yours,

Charlamagne Tha God aka @cthagod