While everyone will most definitely be talking about last night’s season finale of Entourage (“In My Lifetime” whaaaaa) and of course MTV’s Hottest MCs list (damn they did Em like that…) you wanna know what I’m talking about. The Beatnuts. Yeah motherfucker, the fucking beatnuts.

Jewdon’tknow. I done told y’all, ego trip’s Sacha Jenkins was putting together an off-broadway play on the beloved '90s group, a la Jim Jones, as part of this year’s Hip-Hop Theater Festival. I was fortunate enough to score some tickets to the show, aptly titled Deez Nuts, and let me tell you…it gets props over here.

A mash-up of skits and live performances, the show was unique, funny and pretty educational. I can’t believe after all these years as a fan I didn’t realize that they were actually part of the Native Tongues (Musta missed Rob's blog). Or better yet, I had no idea that Psycho Les was that hilarious. Any of y’all know that JuJu has braces? Regardless, my hat goes off to all the folks that put this together.

I spoke to Sacha about the show a while back and he told me one of his goals was to tap into the older hip-hop head market— the type that wouldn’t necessarily leave the house to go to S.O.B.s or whatnot for a regular rap show. Job well done. As a bonus I was even able to take my girl to this under the guise that it was a play (she’s a certified Taylor Swift head), and she loved it. So there you have it.

But enough from me, I know what y’all really want is Deez Nuts! I brought the flippity flip in and got some good footage of the guys doing some of their classics, including “Turn It Out,” [view] "Supa Supreme" and “Off The Books [view].”

While it may have been a little strange sitting in your seat while they were performing, The Nuts were good sports, urging the crowd to get off their asses at the end for their grande finale of "Watch out Now." [Watch Below]

[video:http://www.xxlmag.com/uploads/video/files/10.5.09_LF_WatchOutNow.flv l]

And yes, Les is rocking an Elvis mask.

Se Acabo! - Jesse Gissen