I went up to Eminem's Shade 45 on Sirius Satalite yesterday at 5 p.m. to do what I thought was going to be a standard hip-hop interview to promote my new Legendary Classics Vol.1—a two-disc collection album (which in case you haven't heard hit stores this week)—but the interview started becoming about boxing. I explained how I thought Floyd Mayweather was a great fighter but he needs to stop fucking around and start fighting the best fighters in his own weight class. When Mayweather was young and hungry he fought some of the baddest dudes he could get his hands on and I was a true fan, but after he fought Deigo Corroles in the early 2000's he started taking fights more for money than legacy and actually began avoiding the tougher challenges.

Floyd was listening to my interview and decided to call in. And things got extremely heated...[Listen here]

Floyd is one of the most naturally gifted fighters I have seen, I will never take that away from him, but he is becoming a major disappointment to me because I was a huge fan and it sucks knowing he's throwing away the prime years of his career only fighting guys smaller or older than him, rather than who would be his best and toughest challenges.

Enough Floyd talk.. After the Mayweather interview I ran up in the XXL/Def Jam issue release party. I'm not really the industry party type, but there was some bitches there and I had some folks in town that I wanted to do some catching up with.

It was a decent time. I caught up with my people from Bone Thugs again, and also linked with Redman there. I haven’t seen Red in years. I think homeboy is a bit slept on lyrically. Red, when he's at his best, is fucking incredible.

Also now that YouTube has become such an important promotional tool for indie artists I began putting up random shit for fans. This one addresses “Notorious B.I.G.'s true feelings about me…Is Hip Hop dead with the exception of Jay-Z and Nas...Does Obama's daughter think R.A. the Rugged Man is the boogie man? Check it out....

Also yesterday on my XXL blog there was a hater who doubted that I really turned down a big money offer at Def Jam... please sir, don't be jealous that I'm living your dream. It sounds crazy to your average dick riding nobody ass, but yes, I actually have in my life turned down deals offered by Russell Simmons himself. It's tough being as good as I am. And honestly if this wasn't the case why the fuck would I say it on an XXL blog. Any one of these fuckers who wants to discredit my history can go find out if I'm lying. Any one who is reading this and has the connections to do so ask Russell yourself.. I had Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen and Chris Lighty all calling my ass to get the rights to my shit. The Def Jam situation was back in the day, but its just one of a dozen other labels I turned down flat since. Would you like me to make a list? And deliver names of the contacts at each label?

Just promise you wont flood their e-mail boxes with mp3's of your wack demo and try not to beg the chick answering phones at the front desk to put you through to them. It's not a good look.

Anyway this is my final day of my week long blog. Thanks to everybody who checked out all the shit that goes on in my weird-ass fuckin' head. And go pick up the album Legendary Classics Vol.1 right now...

P.S. Chin up, Floyd.