Last week while I was blowing off some steam ranting about how fucked up Hip Hop is nowadays one of my hater ass hater co-workers gonna butt all in talkin bout "Crank Dat is the same as that Humpty Hump shit, a dumb dance with a silly song..."

That fuckin hater ass hater trynna knock me off my rant hustle, so I had to break it down for them cuz YES, at one point I did kinda say the same shit to myself, then I had to think, "was shit THIS fucked up?...NaaaaaH!"

You can't compare the Humpty Dance to Crank Dat....or any party track from that era to this new shit cause the playing field ain't equal now. Back when Humpty was poppin you had a whole spectrum of different artists with different styles on and poppin at the same time. Gettin video play airtime, and big contracts, with big budgets for the album. Back then a Public Enemy could be heard more than a Humpty.

But now, rappers with a message don't get the industry support that a dumb ringtone rapper does. It ain't the same as back in the day. You won't hear a Saigon or even the fuckin Roots on any countdown. The only thing that gets pub is this dumb fuckin music, which I admit is catchy, but it's not worth getting more attention than real lyrics. That's where the game is fucked up.

When all of these songs, Laffy Taffy, Crank Dat, It's Goin Down, A BAY BAY first came on the radio or TV, you're lying if you're saying you heard it and didn't go "wtf is this dumb shit?," turned the channel and forgot about it.

I did, but then something strange happened...a month later...I was Crankin Dat at a cookout simply becasue THEY PLAY THE SAME FUCKIN SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN at the clubs, and on TV to the point where it's just playin in the background while you're doin somethin else and the shit grows on you. It's like the mainstream media music outlets just play it till you're brainwashed cause after one listen, I dismissed it, but it's like the stations will not stop playin it and when you give any fuckin song that kind of rope, support or length of airtime, it's gonna grow on you.

Back in the day, stations would give every song, no matter what the content and message in it, they would give it so much more support than it gets now. It's like the PDs hear a positive song, put it in the rotation to play once, if at all, and won't give it any more legs cause they feel the message will fuck up their ratings. They hear a song like "Crank Dat" and figure "Hey, the kids will love this" and throw more momentum behind it than a speeding bullet, which just ain't fair to real lyricists out there. Which is why people are so critical of the era we're in now.

It's not that they hate these young cats gettin their money, it's just that they're pissed that the industry holds their noses up to anything that ain't makin you snap now....unless you're some established OG like Nas or Hova.-Lance aka Chip City LS