When two rappers link up on a track and the end result is a solid record, it only makes sense to go at it again in the booth for a follow-up. That's just what Seattle rapper Bingx and 2014 XXL Freshman Jarren Benton do on their new song "I Got That Ish," off the former's new album, My E.G.O.

Bingx, who previously connected with Benton on the song "The Break Up," kicks off the frenetic record by delivering a rapid-fire flow.

"Look, when I make that heat, ah, I don't just make that heat I create that beat/Play them keys and I make that beat/Then I take that and mix it and make it/Portray what I hear in my brain and I make that heat/Write it, record it then mix it so there ain't a thing you can say to me/Let alone take from me/Game is on point," Bingx raps.

Benton follows suit with some jay-dropping lyrics. "Pardon me don't make me go in the trunk/Put a hole in you punks, I got blood on me, blaow/Ugh, we don't have love for you Trumps/If I tell her I love her you know that I'm drunk," he delivers.

Bingx's My E.G.O, which stands for My Emotional Genius Obliged, also features a collaboration with Stevie Stone on "Back to You."

Listen to "I Got That Ish" and check out Bingx's My E.G.O. album below. Cop the new project on iTunes.

Bingx's My E.G.O. Tracklist

1. "It’s a Big Deal"
2. "I Got That Ish" Featuring Jarren Benton
3. "More Than a Weekend"
4. "You Don’t Know Me"
5. "Gimme That Nani"
6. "In My Prayers" Featuring ArtBySeven
7. "In My 64" Featuring Shaun Rose
8. "Waiting for Ya" Featuring Whitney Peyton
9. "I’m Ready"
10. "Missing You"
11. "Lift Me Up"
12. "Wildfire"
13. "Back to You" Featuring Stevie Stone
14. "Far Away" Featuring J. Rosevelt
15. "Numbers Up"

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