A day after Bilal droped his new album, Another Life, he releases a very powerful video for "Money Over Love" featuring Kendrick Lamar. The Hans Elder-directed video portrays a struggling couple, resorting to hard choices in order to make ends meet. The woman spends her day walking around the town, seemingly looking for work and finding no luck. She later finds herself asking strangers for money before meeting up with her significant other who looks like he's also had a rough day. As they sit there contemplating the next move in silence, the woman makes the hard decision to become a prostitute while her man struggles to accept their reality. When she returns, lets just say things didn't go well.

The visual "brings a new meaning to the song," Bilal said to Fader. "Where some may listen to it and think I'm saying money is more important than love, the video depicts a love story that is tainted by greed. Whether it's justified or not, is for the people to decide."

Prior to the release of Another Life, XXL chopped it up with the neo-soul singer, where he dished on influences behind the album, working with Kendrick Lamar and Adrian Younge, and more. Peep the conversation and take a look at the "Money Over Love" video above.