Bhad Bhabie's just had one of her show's canceled, and promoters for the show say it's because of her purported support of Israel.

In an Instagram post they uploaded on Monday (June 17), Pop!, which is a social media and event coordinating agency based in Jordan, announced that the 16-year-old rapper’s July 8 Amman concert was scrapped due to what the company's founder, Sanad Kteshat, calls her support of Israel.

"The cancelation comes from the [recently] surfaced support to Israel, which is something that violates the moral values of my company," Kteshat said on his Instagram story today.

According to an article TMZ published on Monday (June 17), it was Bhabie's Twitter interaction with a Palestinian athlete that led to the cancelation. At some point last week, Bhabie was tagged in a post written in Arabic, and she responded with a comment proclaiming her love for McDonald's and called the athlete a "bitch."

The celebrity news site says that the person that tweeted at Bhad Bhabie, famed Palestinian marathoner, Mohammad ALQADI, was actually imploring his followers to cease their support of Bhad Bhabie, whom he believes has supported Israel.

After Bhabie's show was canceled, ALQADI addressed the situation. "why she blocked me because i asked her to stop supporting apartheid Israel . @BhadBhabie your tour to Jordan was cancelled," the athlete wrote in a tweet. "[I] told you we will work to cancel it and we did . #bhadbhabie #spaz #lottadem."

For Bhad Bhabie's part, her team has reportedly told TMZ that promoters are overreacting to the Twitter incident and that the young rapper has not pledged allegiance to either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

XXL has reached out to Bhad Bhabie's reps for comment on the cancellation.

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