UPDATE: The cast of Bad Rap were on Hot 97 and chopped it up with Cipha Sounds and why this documentary is necessary. Watch above.


Asian-American rappers are a rare breed in hip-hop. In the early days, legends like Mountain Brothers, Jin and Lyrics Born were able to thrive and make successful careers out of themselves. Even nowadays, established names like Far East Movement have a large presence, but rap listeners haven't had the opportunity to learn the backstories of how they came up and what hardships they had to get through in order to be recognized.

XXL's former Senior Online Editor Jaeki Cho and his co-producer Salima Koroma are aiming to change that with their new documentary called Bad Rap. It is described as an "independent documentary about four Asian-American rappers who dream of succeeding in the mainstream, selling out huge venues, hearing themselves on the radio, and becoming household names." Additionally, it will give viewers a better idea of young Asian Americans facing a culture that expects them to follow a certain stereotype. Hip-hop is a universal thing and they are hoping to shed light and educate their audience.

The film will follow the lives of Dumbfoundead (Los Angeles), Awkwafina (Queens), Rekstizzy (Queens) and Lyricks (Fairfax). As of now, they have created a 40-minute short, but they are in the process of creating 70-minute feature to give a more complete story.

Check out the teasers featuring Jin, Decipher and Dumb, as well as their Indiegogo funding page for more information.