You ever feel like you're reliving the same day again? Instead of just a familiar moment like deja vu, what about going through 24 hours that you know you've lived through already? That's exactly what B.o.B gets caught up in for his new music video "Finesse."

The Jon J-directed video opens with B.o.B waking up next to his pool, disheveled and confused. Once he collects his belongings and gets his bearings straight, he's immediately followed by two women. Later on, a new woman waiting in the bathroom makes off with a stack then proceeds to make it rain with it. B.o.B finds himself asleep again, waking up next to more mysterious women in his house. The video ends with B.o.B starting the next day in the same exact position as he did from the start, most likely to live out his fate over and over again.

There are several clues in the video that signify B.o.B getting finessed by a woman would be like living out a bad dream of his. All of the women are dressed in outfits befitting a crazy acid trip at Coachella. The 30 Roc beat also sounds like an arpeggio played backwards as if you're traveling back in time to relive a moment. Then of course there's the obvious ending that restarts his day just as the previous one did. Hopefully B.o.B makes his way out of this Groundhog Day.

"Finesse" comes off of B.o.B's Ether album. Also if you missed it, catch up on his XXL interview as he discussed his transition from a major label artist to an independent one.

You can watch the video for "Finesse" below.

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