Following Azealia Banks' The Breakfast Club interview on Friday (May 11), in which she refers to Cardi B as a "caricature of a Black woman," Cardi B is now firing back at the "Anna Wintour" rapper.

Banks addressed a number of topics during her sit-down, including her disdain for RZA. When DJ Envy asked her to open up about her feelings for Bardi, AB went deep. After diving in about America's perception of Black women and how progress was starting to be made, she basically called the "Bodak Yellow" rhymer a setback for the culture.

"I feel like two years ago, the conversation surrounding Black women's culture was reaching an all-time high," she noted. "We were really discussing our power among ourselves. Beyonce came out with Lemonade and there was really intelligent conversation going on nationally. Then everything just kind of changed. Then it was like, Cardi B."

She added, "I'm talking about this caricature of a Black woman that Black women would never be able to get away with."

After getting wind of what Banks had to say, Cardi posted a snippet of a 2017 XXL interview with Banks where the Harlem MC had nothing but love for her. "I really, really love Cardi B," Banks said in the interview.

Offset's fiancee then followed up on Twitter, "Every week it seems like I'm in somebody's mouth," she tweeted. "Why was nobody talking about me when I was on Love and Hip Hop. All of a sudden I'm the reason why the world is such a terrible place."

Banks then lifted off on a lengthy Twitter diatribe where she defended her case and threw in some jabs too. "So because I point out that you get away with being the typical caricature of a black woman that society says is wrong ... and you respond by calling me unattractive and bringing up skin bleaching to basically make fun of me for not being light skinned?" she posted. "Carbi is really a bird brain. LOL."

Cardi responded with a full statement about the issue on IG. "A woman who constantly finds joy in belittling Black women (Beyonce, Rihanna, Skia Jackson, Remy Ma) can't try to stand for them because it's convenient," she wrote in part.

Banks then fired back with her own IG statement full of disses toward the "Be Careful" MC. Following the tension, Cardi deleted her own IG account on Saturday (May 12).

Check out the entire back and forth below.

Cardi B's Response



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