Azealia Banks is criticizing Beyoncé for the singer's new album Lemonade. Banks sent out a tweet yesterday (April 25) which saw her agreeing with a controversial article written by Piers Morgan. Banks called out Beyoncé for what she feels is a hypocritical message on Lemonade.

"Piers Morgan is right," Banks wrote on Twitter. "Just six months ago you told every black girl in the industry to 'bow down' now you want to stick up for black folk lol. I've yet to hear Beyoncé speak on these issues."

The Broke With Expensive Taste rapper took issue with ticket prices for Beyoncé's upcoming tour as well as what she feels is a lack of leadership.

"She made a song about big noses and hot sauce then put up a tour charging $1300 to [people] she knows damn sure can't afford that," Banks wrote. "I want to hear her speak, to make sure it's real. Queens are supposed to lead, they don't step on the spirits of the girls who come after them then to just try and take that same spirit."

Azealia Banks also claimed that Beyoncé sold her soul and tried to get it back.

"You can't sell your soul then try to get it back LOL. That's not how it works," Banks wrote. "You keep crying over a man and perpetuating that sad black female sufferance and it's Not good for what we're trying to accomplish here."

This denouncement by Azealia Banks is surprising as she expressed her approval of Lemonade just a few days earlier (April 23).

"Lemonade is amazing. I need to repent," Banks tweeted. "This is sooooo good omg. Exactly what pop culture needed."

This is not the first time Azealia Banks has attempted to address Beyoncé through social media. In February, the rapper warned the singer about white feminists amidst the backlash to Beyoncé's "Formation" video.

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