August Alsina had offered comment on the recent fatal incidents of police brutality, asking, "when do we stand up for ourselves? And show them what our lives mean to us?” but took things a step further this weekend by joining Louisiana residents and Black Lives Matter supporters at a Baton Rogue protest. His interactions with residents, including Alton Sterling's aunt and the store owner who witnessed his death, can be seen up above and down below.

In one video, Alsina leads a prayer amongst those gathered, saying, "Thank you for giving us strength in a time of despair. Thank you for giving us love in a time where we hate and hurt…Help us be the mind that can change the world. Touch every boy and every girl out here and let them know that their life matters. Give us the strength to stay steadfast and on the mission and not give up until justice is served."

"Every one of you stood so TALL!" he wrote, adding in a later post, "just because we're strong doesn't mean we don't hurt." The tragedies in Baton Rogue, Falcon Heights and Dallas continue to occupy the public consciousness and as more figures like Alsina or The Game and Snoop Dogg take roles at the forefront of the movement for equal rights and treatment, the stronger it becomes. Catch Alsina's Baton Rogue visit in the photos and video above and below.

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