A$AP Rocky's assault trial verdict will be announced on Wednesday (Aug. 14). He isn't expected to be present, though.

On Tuesday (Aug. 13), Billboard confirmed that the rapper does not need to be in Sweden when the court's decision is handed down. However, he will be required to return to the European country should they find him guilty of assault. If he doesn't return upon the announcement of a guilty verdict, he will be considered a fugitive of the law, according to Måns Ressner, a Swedish civil attorney unassociated with the case.

As previously reported, Rocky and his two co-defendants were released from a Swedish detention center on Aug. 2 after the court determined them not to be a flight risk. Following a nearly five-week prison stay, the trial lasted three days before it wrapped for the jury to make their decision. Both Rocky and his alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari, were among the people who testified in the courtroom.

Prosecutors are calling for a six-month sentence for Rocky and his co-defendants, who they say used excessive force during his fight with Jafari. While testifying, Rocky argued his previously established stance that he and his team were acting in self-defense.

Over the weekend, the Harlem rapper popped up at the 2019 Real Street Festival for his first performance since he was released from prison. While on stage, he addressed the incident.

"I just want to say, what I experienced it’s crazy," Rocky told the crowd. "I’m so happy to be here y’all don’t even understand. I'm so happy to be here right now. That was a scary, humbling experience, but I'm here right now God is good."

The rapper debuted a new song at the festival before performing "Who Dat Boy" alongside his good friend Tyler, The Creator.

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