Art is a beautiful thing. The ability to express yourself through art is a skill only a few people have. Sue Tsai is one of those few people. The 28-year-old artist and designer, who's born and raised in New York, earned a business degree at Hofstra but found her passion in visual arts.

Sue discussed her start in art in an interview last year: "I’ve been doing art my whole life. I’ve always been drawing or sketching something since I was really young, but the painting was a hobby I really started focusing on in the past 4 years when I noticed that paintings I was doing on the side were getting a lot of feedback on social media and through friends and family. Four years ago was when I was like, 'I can really make a career from this,' and that’s when I really focused on it at that time."

One thing about Sue, other than her incredible talent, is that she is immensely attractive. Check the gallery above with her hot photos. Try not to fall in love.

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