"If I don't like it, I don't like, it don't mean that I'm hatin'" -Common

It's too bad folks aren't able to dislike anything without being called haters anymore. It's like, we can't win. Say you like something, you're a dick rider. Trash it, and you're a hater. I give credit when it's due, plain and simple, but simple take pride in their hateration. I've never condoned up-and-coming artists dissing established artists because it seems too gimmicky, a way for the upstart to get a name of his more recognizable adversary. But, that's just me.

Bronx rapper GT Green is a proud hater. To let him tell it, he's on the verge of starting a hater movement. Well, what better way to see if you got the right idea than to let XXL's users weigh in on your project. We may have canned SOUNDCHECK, but I still wanna try to show love to struggling artists whenever I can. See for yourself and let GT Green know what you think.

GT GREEN "I'm A Hater" (Kanye, Lil Wayne & T-Pain diss)